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So you're wondering if you should repair or replace your garage door, huh? Well, let us help walk you through it.

Repair your garage door if:

-It’s loud as it opens and closes. If your garage door is loud while it operates, the solution may be as simple as a rebuild which consists of replacing the moving parts such as the rollers and springs. These new and improved parts can help decrease the noise of your garage door and eliminate the constant headache.

garage door technician working on cables

-It has a dent in just one panel. Depending on the damage level, you may be able to repair one panel. A dent or a scratch can be resolved by replacing the panel with a new one.

-It won’t open or close properly. This could be the result of a broken spring or an issue with the garage door opener. Either way, several repair options are available for these types of problems that will have your garage door up and running in no time.

Replace your garage door if:

-You don’t like the way it looks. Whether it’s the windows or the design, if you no longer love your garage door’s style, there isn’t much you can do aside from replacing it. But with a great return on investment, it’s not such a bad idea.

-You’re updating the exterior of your home. Whether you’re getting a new front door and want your garage door to match or are painting your shutters and want your garage door to be the same color, there is a garage door option for you!

-It doesn’t have proper insulation. Many homeowners complain that the adjacent space to their garage is just simply too cold (or too hot)! The cause of this could be an uninsulated garage door. Proper insulation can help with energy efficiency and keep your living spaces more climate-controlled (and comfortable)!

-It’s damaged beyond repair. Have a kid that backed their car into the garage or a door that can’t be cleaned with a simple garden hose? You may be better off replacing the whole garage door rather than just a panel or two.

green garage door matches windows


Garage Door Prices Garage Door Prices
  1. Traditional Uninsulated Steel - Reliable and maintenance free, traditional steel garage doors can match any home’s exterior.

  2. Upgraded Design & Insulation - The same durable steel you know and love with more updated and stylish designs.

  3. Contemporary Doors with 3 Layers of Stability - Recognized by their clean lines and crisp design, contemporary garage doors offer a unique curb appeal.

  4. Vinyl and Wood Composite - Extremely customizable vinyl and wood composite garage doors with virtually no maintenance makes this door a top choice for homeowners.

  5. Glass Garage Doors - Achieve a simple minimalist look on your home without sacrificing beauty with a glass garage door.

  6. Wood Garage Doors - The craftsmanship put into wood garage doors simply can’t be beat, and neither can their beauty!

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