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Wood Garage Doors
Wood Garage Doors

Wood allows you to completely customize your garage door. You can choose from popular wood species such as mahogany and cedar or make even more unique choices with Douglas fir and reclaimed barn wood. Create a standout design, choose your finish, and you’ll have a custom one of a kind door made of high quality material. Wood can be cut, routed, and milled to meet any homeowner’s specifications and truly adds beauty to your home.

Wood garage doors come in stain grade or paint grade. Stain grade doors offer more rich, natural colors across the wood to maintain continuity as it’s stained. Paint grade doors usually have more knots and dark spots which won’t be visible once thy are painted. Stain grade doors need to be refinished every 1-3 years depending on sun exposure while paint grade doors last about 5-10 years between refinishings.

stained wood garage doors

If your door is not factory finished, it’s important they are stained or painted within 10 days to maintain a fresh appearance. It’s strongly suggested that you have your garage door stained by a reputable professional prior to installation. You can also opt to paint your wood garage door, depending on the wood species you choose.

Homeowners who desire wood doors, but need a lower price tag than a full custom wood door, might consider a wood overlay. In this case, unfinished wood planks are adhered directly to a steel door. Styles are limited and the boards will need to be maintained and finished in the same manner of a full wood door.

steel garage door with unfinished wood overlays

If you’re interested in the customizability of a wood garage door without the maintenance, you might want to consider a wood composite or vinyl composite garage door which can be stained to mimic wood grain.


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