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Upgrade the Style of Your Steel Garage Door
Upgrade the Style of Your Steel Garage Door

Updating your traditional steel garage door to a beautiful new design can greatly enhance your home's exterior.

When you think of a steel garage door, you probably envision the stamped steel raised panel garage doors you see all around your neighborhood. You likely have one on your own home. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. Steel garage doors are a testament to the times and a durable, affordable option for many homeowners. And let’s face it, many of us probably haven’t even given much thought to our garage door at all, never mind what it looks like.

But with more garage door options than ever before, homeowners can have it all: a durable steel garage door with a custom design they love without the custom price tag. “But how?!” you ask.

Choose a door with overlays.

CHI Shoreline Garage Door

Overlays are planks of wood, vinyl, vinyl composite or fiberglass that are added to a garage door’s design to create depth and a look of sophistication. Starting with a standard 3-layer insulated steel door, the overlays are then added in various designs to create the desired look for the homeowner.

Fimbel American Legends

Most manufacturers have a selection of 14+ overlay designs to choose from, featuring various cross bar and V-style options, as well as long and short panel looks. From modern to rustic, you’ll be able to choose something that matches your home’s architectural style!

The addition of overlays does not increase the maintenance of the door, just the style and curb appeal!

Opt for a carriage house design.

Brown Stamped Steel Carriage House

Stamped Steel carriage house doors offer a classic look to many homes. As a tried and true style, this design has been improved over the years and is now available in a large variety of designs. This gives homeowners the ability to choose a carriage house design that enhances your home’s exterior.

Stamped Steel Carriage House

Much like how a raised panel design is stamped into the steel garage door, the carriage house design you choose will be stamped into the door to create the classic look. Choose between recessed panels or beadboard, add on some hinges and straps and you’ve got a vintage looking door in a material that you love without the maintenance.

Go with a more unique style.

CHI Planks Garage Door

Some people say less is more, and the same can be said about garage doors. For a simple, minimalist look, many homeowners are choosing garage door designs that mimic horizontal wood planks. Embossed with a wood grain then stamped to create the crisp clean lines, this design on a steel garage door offers the look of modern plank doors without the maintenance of wood.

Not loving the wood look but still want a contemporary garage door design? Opting for a flush steel garage door allows you to have the durable steel but without the wood grain or pattern. The geometric design can add a stark, yet beautiful contrast to the busy exterior of many homes.

CHI Flush in Black

The addition of windows along the side of either of these door designs breathes new life into the classic top window design typically seen in traditional steel garage doors.

No matter the door you choose, breaking away from the traditional steel garage door designs will add curb appeal to your home instantly. As one of the leading home renovation projects, upgrading your traditional steel door to one that better represents your style and preferences can give your home the facelift you didn’t know it needed!


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