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What to Consider When Garage Door Shopping
What to Consider When Garage Door Shopping

Garage door shopping can be an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be! There are so many things to consider, and it can be hard to know exactly what is most important and what you may not even be considering that you should be.

To help guide your shopping process, we suggest choosing 2-3 priorities that matter to you in a garage door.

custom blue garage door


For some people, garage door style is at the top of their priority list, while for others it doesn't cross their mind. Luckily, there is a garage door design and color for every home’s exterior, from classic white or bold blue. Additionally, if your garage faces the street or is a focal point of your home, a beautiful door can enhance your curb appeal and home value.


If you have an active driveway or use your garage door as the main entrance into your home, you should consider the garage door’s durability. Different materials and constructions hold up better to regular wear and tear of a garage door. Knowing this and prioritizing this during your garage door shopping process can ensure you find the right door for your lifestyle?


Is your garage cold, or do you have an adjacent living space to the garage? Are your garage walls and ceiling insulated? When choosing a garage door, it can be both energy- and cost-efficient to match your garage door insulation to that of your garage walls and ceiling. Attached living spaces to the garage can feel drafty if you choose a door that isn’t properly insulated.

Time / Urgency

If the installation date of your garage door is a priority, you should consider what styles and materials may be more readily available. Some dealers keep inventory of common size basic stamped steel doors in stock. A custom door takes more time to manufacture and produce than a standard stamped steel door, so be sure to talk about this with your Door Designer to ensure the door you choose meets your scheduling needs.


The more customized the door, the more pricey it can be. However, many people only buy a garage door once in their lifetime. It’s important to know that a new garage door can bring real value to your home. Nationally, garage door replacement offers the second highest return on investment for home improvements–higher than many kitchen, bath and other exterior renovations. Many garage door companies offer financing options to help lower the upfront cost of the garage door replacement.


Did you know it takes about 6 seconds to break into a garage? Having a  secure garage door is important, especially if it protects valuables or is an entrance point to your home. Garage doors and openers each come with accessories such as locks or cameras which can increase the security of your home and family.

LiftMaster opener with camera technology


Garage doors are equipped with many safety features such as safety eyes and Motion Detection. These features keep anyone in or near the garage safe from potential harm. If you have any pets or young children in your home who play near the garage, it’s important to bring that up during your appointment so your Door Designer can discuss safety features with you.


As the largest moving point of your home, you don’t want your garage door to be noisy as it opens and closes. The door construction you choose and the opener can affect the noise level of your door as it moves along the track. You should consider the importance of a quiet door when meeting with your Door Designer.

Material / Maintenance

Different materials come with varying levels of maintenance, which range from an annual wipe down with a sponge and hose to routine repainting or staining. Depending on how much time and effort you want to spend maintaining your garage door can determine which material type may be best for your home.

myq smart technology for garage door opener

Home Automation / Technology

Garage door openers today are more technologically advanced than ever before. You can control your garage door from your smartphone, see what’s going on through a camera, and even accept packages through your garage with Key by Amazon. If home automation of your garage door is important to you, consider choosing an opener with tech features to meet your needs.



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