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Technology Features of Openers
Technology Features of Openers

Today’s garage door openers are equipped with technology like never before. Innovative features help make your daily life more convenient and your garage door more easily accessible. Below are some of our very favorite tech features of openers that make them some of the best on the market.

myQ alert on smartphone

Smart Phone Control: This technology connects you with your garage door, no matter your location. With myQ, you can open/close your door, get real time notifications, preset scheduled garage door openings/closings, and more!

In-Garage Package Delivery: Pairing your myQ technology with Key by Amazon allows secure in-garage deliveries of your packages, keeping them safe from thieves, damage, and the weather.

key by amazon package delivery
garage door opener with camera 85503

Built-in Camera: Currently only available on the LiftMaster 85503, the camera allows you to know, see, and hear what’s going on in your garage right on your phone.

LED Lighting: Gone are the days of the incandescent bulb. Light up your entire garage with just your opener.



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