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Vinyl Composite Garage Doors
Vinyl Composite Garage Doors

Vinyl composite doors are created by routing and milling cellular PVC, a malleable and more workable form of traditional PVC. It can be customized to create a one of a kind door that is durable and virtually maintenance free. A simple cleaning with your garden hose is enough to keep it looking great. Vinyl composite is rust-resistant, which makes it a great choice for seaside locations, as well as salt-, insect-, rot-, moisture-, and fungus-resistant.

vinyl composite garage door with arched windows

Vinyl composite garage doors allow homeowners the opportunity to create a completely unique door which is what makes this material so popular. Because vinyl composite itself is white, once the garage door is designed and manufactured, it’s essentially ready to be installed on your home. If you were looking for a low maintenance customizable door that can be painted or finished with a wood like stain, you should check out the benefits of  wood composite garage doors.


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