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Wood Composite Garage Doors
Wood Composite Garage Doors

Wood composites are a combination of resin and wood fibers which give them many of the qualities of natural wood without the headache. Composite brands such as Extira and Tricoya are manufactured for outside applications and are used by a variety of manufacturers. Wood composites can be cut, routed, milled, painted a variety of colors or painted to mimic a wood stain. This material offers total customization and can truly match any homeowner’s exterior design.

tricoya sample of garage door

Wood composites used for garage doors are moisture resistant, which leads to less warping and cracking. This material can absorb heat better than steel or vinyl composite, so it’s often better for  garage doors that face south and have harsh sun exposure as they can resist fading better than fiberglass. Wood composite can resist termite damage, as well as swelling and shrinking.


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