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Top Trending Garage Doors
Top Trending Garage Doors

Improve your curb appeal with the top trending garage doors.

If you want a unique curb appeal but have already achieved perfect landscaping and a jaw dropping front door, look no further than your garage door. Garage doors have become a statement piece on many homes and with so many options (over 10,000, believe it or not) there are endless possibilities when designing the perfect door for your home.

The right garage door is ultimately a functional focal point of your home’s exterior. It can add style and also serve as a place to store possessions or an additional living space. When shopping for a garage door, design is no longer an afterthought.

Successfully combining a rustic look with the convenience of an overhead garage door, carriage house style doors are becoming increasingly more popular.

Glass garage doors can drastically change the exterior of a home. They offer a clean, minimalist design that is currently very popular.

Mosaic Windows

Wood door with mosaic windows

Building off of the popularity of glass garage doors is mosaic windows.

Vinyl garage doors are a great material for custom designs. Vinyl can be routed, milled, shaped, and cut to virtually any specifications.

Wood doors, because of their natural sourcing, offer a unique beauty that simply can’t be duplicated. The variety of wood species, from mahogany and oak to cedar and redwood, allow you to choose the wood tone that best enhances your home’s exterior.

A pop of color in the form of your garage door can add a lot of style to the look of your overall home. Homeowners can match their garage door to their front door, shutters, or other design elements of their home.

Recently, black has become a popular color choice for garage doors; dramatic but still not too risque. In fact, companies have stated that 22 percent of their 4-section Carriage House style doors are being purchased in black; second only to the classic white

Black Garage Doors

Black Garage Doors

A garage door has the ability to greatly enhance your curb appeal, while also being a completely functional and useful part of your home. There are so many options available to match your home’s exterior and style, from materials to colors and designs. Now’s the time to choose a door to make your home stand out. A garage door is an investment in your home value—make sure you make the most of it.


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