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Carriage House Style Garage Doors
Carriage House Style Garage Doors

Carriage house garage doors designed after the structures that used to house horses and carriages back in the day. They opened like regular swing out doors using the handles towards the middle of the door. Today's carriage house style garage doors have the added convenience of opening overhead and come in two distinct styles: rustic and modern. While one plays up on the classic charm of decorative hardware, the other allows more flexibility when trying to stay with the carriage house look but in a more simple fashion. However, both add a curb appeal to your home that just can’t be beat.

The rustic carriage house design includes the traditional hardware, such as handles and straps, which mimic the look of original carriage house doors that used to house horses. This style, combined with the convenience of an overhead garage door, offers the old world look with the sophistication of modern technology.

Rustic Carriage House Style with Handles and hinges
Modern carriage house style door in white

Modern carriage house garage doors are simple, but still add a wow factor to many homes. The clean design of the modern version creates a timeless look that will never go out of style. Rather than the focal point being the hardware or wood grain, the actual design of the door catches your eye, allowing it to effortlessly add beauty to any home’s exterior.


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