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The Garage Door Buying Process: What to Expect
The Garage Door Buying Process: What to Expect

Perfection doesn’t happen overnight! And while it’s true that buying a new garage door is a process, it doesn’t have to be painful! Below is a brief outline of what you can expect when buying a garage door with Precision. You should plan on this process taking 3-9 weeks from the initial consultation to final installation. Please note that COVID-19 has led to extreme delays with garage door manufacturers throughout the industry. Your Door Designer will be able to provide you with an updated installation date estimate during your meeting as we navigate this unprecedented time.

Read our Garage Door Buyer’s Guide

Our Garage Door Buyer’s Guide can help you start on your journey to designing and ordering your new garage door. Learn about different style options, top of the line openers, and garage door basics that will help you choose the perfect garage door for your home.

Meet with a Door Designer at your home

One of our professional Door Designers will come to your home with samples and guidance on garage door styles, materials, construction, and mechanics. Meetings typically take about an hour. The Designer will also measure your garage to ensure the perfect fit and make sure they can get you the exact door you want. Not every door fits in every garage!


Order your new garage door

Once we place the order for your garage door, it typically takes between 3 and 9 weeks for your door to arrive in our warehouse, depending on the manufacturer and door customization you choose. We may also request that you approve the manufacturer’s drawings to ensure everything is to your specifications.

Installer drilling in garage door track

Schedule the installation

Once your garage door arrives at our warehouse, our door team will call to schedule an installation–typically, installation occurs within a week of our call.

Installation Day

On the big day, a specially trained team will come to your home, remove and dispose of your old door, and install your new beautiful garage door along with any openers and accessories you have selected.



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