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Important Woodwork in Garages
Important Woodwork in Garages

Woodwork refers to different elements of wood in your garage that can affect your garage door installation. Below we discuss two important parts of the garage's interior that are inspected before installation, both by the Door Designer and the Installer.

Examples of Woodwork in Garage


This term describes the wood around your garage door frame inside your garage. The track and other garage door parts are mounted to the goalposts to keep the track secure and steady. It’s vital that the woodwork around the garage door is in good condition and has no damage. If the bottom of the goalposts are rotted from water damage, or the boards have split because the mounting holes for your current track were not pre-drilled, you will need to replace them.

Spending a small amount now to replace the woodwork can help maintain the lifespan of your door and ensure it operates safely. Faulty woodwork can endanger the quality of your garage door materials and potentially any people, pets, or objects in the garage.

Header Board

The header is the wall section above your garage door frame that maintains the opening’s structural integrity. If the header area is not strong, a header board is installed to reinforce it. A header board is a specific piece of lumber that creates a stable surface to which the motor rail or torsion tube is mounted. The headerboard is far less likely to need to be replaced than a goal post as it isn’t exposed to water. However, if it is cracked or not mounted securely, it may need to be replaced to ensure your garage door runs smoothly.


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