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Importance of a Properly Measured Garage Door
Importance of a Properly Measured Garage Door

A garage door that fits properly will look great and function properly for years to come!

Though most garage doors appear to be the same size to the average homeowner, each garage door and opening is actually unique and should be treated as such. And that starts at the very first appointment! Your Door Designer will take measurements and pictures, as well as discuss garage door elements that are important to you to ensure you have a door that fits properly, functions correctly, and looks beautiful. Properly measuring your garage door is the first step in ensuring that you get the door of your dreams without it becoming a nightmare. 

Tech Measuring Ceiling Height

Why Each Measurement is Important

When the Door Designer comes to your home, they will measure several areas in your garage to ensure that the garage door fits perfectly for your specific space. Taking measurements, pictures, and inspecting the area around your garage for any issues that can affect the installation are all steps we take to be certain that your garage door will fit perfectly, work properly, and look beautiful. Below are some examples of the many measurements our Door Designers take:

  • Height on each side of your garage door frame: This will help determine if your ground is level, which can affect your spring system options.
  • Width of the garage door frame: Combined with the height measurements, this will help determine if you need a standard or custom sized garage door.
  • Current garage door: In conjunction with the photos that we take of the outside of your garage with the door closed, this measurement helps us see if your current door is properly sized. If a portion of the door design is covered on the edge, we know that the door needs to be sized down an inch or two from your current height or width. It’s another tool we use to ensure the garage door will look great.
  • Side room on each side of your garage: This is the space from the door jamb to the wall and will help determine the space for the vertical track of your garage door. This helps determine how wide we can make your garage door for a proper fit.
  • Headroom of your garage: While one foot back from the opening of your garage, we measure the vertical distance from the floor to the lowest point in the garage. It may be the ceiling, a pipe or the opener rail. This helps determine the track radius will fit and the size of the panels that can be used for your garage door.

Door Designer Taking photos

Why We Take Photos

Measurements are important because they give exact numbers for our team to work off of. However, pictures of the garage are just as important, too. Photos allow our team at the office to see what the garage door, frame, interior, and existing tracks look like. They can inspect the condition of different areas, review inside and outside of the garage, and help double check the measurements taken by the Door Designer. Images of the garage, along with notes from the Door Designer allow Door Designers, the office team, and the Installers to discuss and know what to expect on installation day.


Proper measurements help ensure the garage door size and design align.

Garage door panels come in a variety of sizes which can be mixed and matched to create the perfect garage door for your home. Our manufacturing partners rely on our precise measurements to determine individual panel heights so that your installed door has the proper reveal all the way around.

Different sized panels aren't something you’d notice in passing and doesn’t affect the overall garage door design. Ultimately, it helps us get the best garage door fit for your garage.

Measurements can help stop air infiltration.

Side Room of Garage Measured

Losing part of the design behind the weather seal can be an eyesore, but a garage door that doesn’t fit properly can also decrease the efficiency of your R-value and vinyl flap. This allows for air infiltration which can result in heat loss and ultimately render your R-value to nothing.

Correct measurements eliminate installation delays.

If your garage door isn’t measured properly the first time, it can cause quite the headache This is why it’s important to find a company that will get it right the first time, from the measurements to the order at the manufacturer and ultimately installation day. Once a company takes your garage door down to replace it with a new one, it can leave you without a garage, which can be a security issue. Installation delays are frustrating but the correct measurements can help eliminate this issue.

Measurements and images from the Door Designer are reviewed by our team in the office before they are sent to the manufacturer to eliminate the possibility of incorrect orders. Our team of Installers will review the measurements, images, and any notes from the Door Designer so they are prepared for the job before they arrive and can bring any necessary tools or equipment to get the job done right!

A properly measured garage door can be all the difference when it comes to a quality customer experience and a seamless installation day. A garage door that fits properly will look great and function properly for years to come!


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