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Garage Door Pulleys
Garage Door Pulleys

Pulleys work together with the extension springs to lift the weight of the door. There are three different types of pulleys that homeowners can find in their garage, depending on which pulley is used as part of the extension spring system.

Good: A press fit pulley is two pieces of metal pressed together to form the working piece. It is likely to split over time due to the pressure from the cables.

Better: A riveted steel pulley is similar to a press fit pulley with the addition of rivets for additional strength. Because it’s not one solid piece of equipment, the pulley can eventually split. It has bearings inside which will also eventually wear.

Best: A solid cast iron pulley has a sealed bearing and often lasts twice as long as a riveted pulley and won’t split as it is made from a single piece of iron.

comparison of pulleys for a garage door


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