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Does a New Garage Door Add Value?
Does a New Garage Door Add Value?

Does a new garage door add value to your home? The answer is a big huge YES!

While a kitchen or bathroom remodel may seem like the most valuable home renovation project, a new garage door ranks far higher than those improvement projects, regardless of the source you look at.

Of course, the value that a garage door can add to your home can depend on several factors.

A single-layer steel garage door is not a significant investment and, therefore, won’t return a significant return to your wallet. On the other hand, a higher-end material like wood composite, with its increased beauty and durability, will give your home a real boost in value.

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The design you choose is also essential. If your door faces the street or is on the front of your home, you have an opportunity to increase your curb appeal with a door that matches your home’s architectural style, whether you choose to have it blend in or stand out! Savvy homeowners are selecting updated designs like carriage house and plank-style doors to keep their homes current rather than relying on raised and recessed styles of the past.

You’ll also want to ensure the company you choose for your installation is experienced, reputable, and trustworthy, so you can rest assured that your new investment will work for years to come. Choosing an uninsured or do-it-all company to install your garage door can lead to poor operation and decreased value.

If you’re ready to increase your home’s value, starting with your garage door, give us a call! We’re happy to help!


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