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Decorative Hardware Glossary
Decorative Hardware Glossary

If you’re interested in decorative hardware, there are many different types available. It can get kind of confusing, so we’ve created this handy glossary to help you navigate through the different decorative hardware options. Each type of hardware comes in multiple designs, so if you’re choosing a handle or strap hinge, there are more than just one you can choose from. There are also three different materials available for decorative hardware: stamped steel, aluminum, or magnetic vinyl. Hardware types can be mixed and matched to create your ideal look.

Be sure to remember that decorative hardware is exactly that: decorative, so never rely on it as a grab point when you open or close your garage door.

examples of decorative hardware

Strap hinges are placed horizontally on the door and are meant to mimic the look of a hinge of the original carriage house door which would open like a standard swing out door.

L hinges are often placed in the corners of the door but can be placed below the windows to create a more dramatic look.

Handles come in various designs and are generally placed in the center of the door at waist height to mimic real handles. On a door with an opener, these handles are not functional. Functional handles can be installed on a door without an opener and can keep the garage secure, but still shouldn’t be used to raise or lower the garage door.

Clavos are traditionally placed in a pattern across your door to create a majestic or medieval look. They are placed by drilling individual holes into the door and screwing the clavos in. Take note that many door companies will not install clavos due to the potential for imperfect placement. Clavos are available in square or circle shapes, which vary in size. 

Ring handles are rings attached to a solid metal backing, similar to a front door knocker. They are purely decorative and can add a rustic look to your garage door.


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