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8 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Garage Door Shopping
8 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Garage Door Shopping

Avoid buyer's remorse when garage door shopping and be sure you get the door you want!

Garage door shopping should be done with knowledge and consideration for several reasons: it’s the largest moving part of your home, a new garage door offers an impressive ROI, and garage doors last for years so you’ll want to be sure you like it! Too many homeowners get the quote, purchase the door, have it installed, and think “This isn’t what I was expecting!” Take a look at our top 8 ways to avoid buyer’s remorse and make sure you get the door you want!

Forgetting to ask to see garage door samples in person

Garage door colors, textures, and designs vary by manufacturer, so it’s important to request samples in person to get a better understanding of what your garage door will look and feel like, rather than just on paper or a computer screen. If they have the sample, this is a good opportunity to bring the piece outside and see what it looks like with the surroundings and exterior of the home. At this point, you may realize this is the door for you or choose to view other samples if this doesn’t align with your home’s design as you thought it would.

Going with the company that offers the cheapest quote

When garage door shopping, less isn’t always more. Going with the company that offers the cheapest quote could cost you in the long run. And if all of these elements are included in the cheapest price, you should consider the quality of the parts and installation that the company is offering. High-quality parts and an expert installation backed by Installation Standards can extend the life and functionality of your garage door, though they do come at a higher cost. Additionally, a company has to pay to be licensed and insured, which can factor into the cost of the service.

Tech drilling hinges on door

Failing to ask enough questions

When you are garage door shopping, there are no stupid questions. You’re spending your hard-earned money and deserve to know what you’re getting for it. Whether you have questions about the texture of a material or the best opener if there is living space above the garage, you should ask all the necessary questions to be sure you are making the best decision for your home.


Choosing not to replace an aged opener

The door is only one element of a complete garage door system. Each part should age together. While it’s true the lifespan of some garage parts last longer than others, having a new garage door that has new rollers, cables, springs, tracks, and a new opener can help the garage door system work seamlessly. Garage door openers should last for about 10-15 years, so chances are you’re due for a new one, and you won’t believe all the features of today’s openers.

Not checking out the neighborhood

Raised panel stamped steel garage doors are one of the most popular garage doors on the market. So when it comes time to shop for a new garage door, many homeowners just stick with what they know.

When you explore your neighborhood, you’ll notice the garage doors on surrounding homes. You may see that everyone has the same door, but more likely you’ll see some standouts that make an impact on the home’s overall appearance that you may want to consider for your own home.

Steel, wood, vinyl composite, and wood composite offer a lot of opportunities for customization. Fiberglass and vinyl are durable materials that can stand the test of time. You can read more about garage door materials here.

Forgetting to request proof of license and insurance

Hiring a company that doesn’t have a license or insurance can be a big problem for homeowners if any issues arise during the project. If any damage is done to your home or property while they’re working or if someone is injured on the job, it can be you who is paying the price. Asking for proof of license and insurance and calling the insurer to make sure the insurance is up to date helps homeowners be sure they are hiring a professional who has earned credentials and follows good business practices.


Unsure of the material they’re being quoted for

Often, customers mistake quotes from competitors to be the same door. For instance, one garage door company may be quoting a standard stamped steel door while another gives an estimate for a vinyl composite door. Without realizing it, the homeowners think the cheaper door is the better way to go because it will cost less, and come to find out, they ordered a stamped steel door rather than the high-end door they wanted.


Assuming the colors are the same among all manufacturers.

Each garage door manufacturer has its own designs and colors; it’s what helps set them apart from one another. And while a white stamped steel door may seem easy enough to replicate, the tone of a white garage door varies. This can be an issue when replacing a garage door panel or shopping for a new garage door without seeing samples of the different colors from the different manufacturers.

Knowing which mistakes homeowners typically make when garage door shopping can help you avoid making similar ones. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to garage door shopping!



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