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What Is a Garage Door's ROI?

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What Is a Garage Door's ROI?

The return on investment for a garage door replacement may be more valuable than you think.

Now more than ever, curb appeal is paramount. An invitation to your home for friends and family starts at the sidewalk. You can improve the look of your home’s overall design by updating your siding, adding a deck, or even replacing your garage door.

In fact, as reported by Remodeling Magazine, 9 of the 10 home improvement projects that offer the highest return on investment (ROI), are exterior projects, further supporting the importance of a well maintained and visually appealing home. Guess which upgrade ranked as number one for its ROI— a garage door!

It’s true! Compared to other home improvement projects such as a minor kitchen remodel, the addition of stone veneer, or window replacement, a garage door replacement yielded a 106% ROI in the Middle Atlantic region of the U.S., giving you the most bang for your buck!

Contemporary Wooden Door

What are elements of a garage door replacement?

  • Remove and dispose of 16x7-foot door and tracks
  • Install new 4-section garage door on new steel tracks
  • Door made with steel and two coats of paint
  • Foam insulated to R-value 12
  • Thermal seals between pinch-resistant panels
  • Top panel windows are ½-inch insulated glass
  • Hardware: galvanized steel hinges and ball bearing rollers
  • Lifetime warranty on door
  • Reuse existing motor

Carriage Wood Garage Door

Why does a garage door offer such a high ROI?

Improved Functionality and Safety

A garage door ranks so high on the list of valuable home improvements for a number of reasons. Aside from offering an enhanced curb appeal, a garage door replacement comes with such a high ROI because it also improves a home’s functionality. Garages have evolved from a cold space with a parked car to primary entryways, optimal storage spaces, and in some cases, even additional living or lounging areas. An old, faulty garage door can invite moisture, pests, and thieves and add money to your energy bill each month. A quality garage door replacement can help eliminate these issues while also adding beauty to your home’s exterior. Ultimately, a new garage door can upgrade your home’s functionality and aesthetic.

More Room for Customization

Garage doors are available in more colors, designs, and materials than ever before. In the past, you could only choose from a limited number of garage door styles; typically a standard raised panel steel door was the most popular choice. But now, you can customize your very own wood garage door to match your home’s exterior or opt for a vinyl design that mimics the look of real wood. Homeowners can individualize their garage doors to suit their home, making high end garage doors a more preferred investment. When you invest in a quality garage door, you want to be sure you get it back in the end. The ability to customize your garage door to emphasize your home’s exterior can make your home more desirable and beautiful.

High Quality Materials and Manufacturers

Right now, the garage door industry is at the top of its game. Some manufacturers are hiring true craftsmen to help enhance their garage door creation, resulting in more high-end and custom products. From skilled woodworkers to master stainers and those who can cut perfectly sized panes of glass with the flick of a wrist, there is more attention to detail from start to finish. Essentially, each garage door is truly handcrafted. With such professionalism comes real value in the work that is being produced. Attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship yields high end quality products and ultimately make quality garage doors more exclusive.

High End Products Require High End Care

High end manufacturers are becoming more selective about who they sell to, which can make some garage door companies more sought after for installation. The quality of high end doors requires garage door companies to be well trained in all aspects of the garage door installation process; from storing them at the warehouse, loading and transportation to the home, unpackaging, and proper handling at the home. With more premium garage doors and high-end products on the market, choosing a company with quality installation standards and highly trained employees is more important than before. When you make an investment on your home, especially one with the potential to instantly increase its value, you need to be selective about both the materials and the companies you work with to ensure it’s protected long term.

Garage doors offer such a wonderful opportunity to improve the exterior of your home with a second to none return on investment. The garage door industry is continuously improving their products (such as doors and parts), employee training and knowledge, and quality standards for garage doors. If you want to improve your homes exterior and value and make every dollar count, a garage door replacement should be at the top of your list.

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