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How to Prevent a Garage Door Break In
How to Prevent a Garage Door Break In

Proper garage door security will keep you and your family safe.

Did you know it’s possible to break into a garage in as little as six seconds?! Many people don’t know that it’s a vulnerability of every garage door opener. But luckily, Precision knows and understands the importance of garage door security. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a device that will stop thieves from breaking in and it can be installed in your garage quickly and easily.

This video explains how easy it is to break into a garage and also highlights the importance of our newly developed device, which we’ve named the Trolley Shield to increase garage door security. Give us a call and schedule one of our technicians to come out and install it for you. Or simply pick one up at the office and you can install it yourself following the steps outlined in the video or below.

How to Install a Trolley Shield:

  1. Remove the operator arm from the trolley by removing the pin.
  2. Remove the handle from the emergency release cord.
  3. Fish the emergency release cord through the Trolley Shield.
  4. Reinstall the operator arm through the Trolley Shield.
    1. Secure with the pin.
  5. Cut the emergency release cord so it can not be pulled through the top of the door.


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