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Garage Door Track for Low Ceilings
Garage Door Track for Low Ceilings

Depending on the construction of your garage, you may have a lot of overhead space, or not so much. For garages with little to no overhead space, there are specific tracks that need to be installed with your garage door which ensure it will not hit any obstructions on the ceiling or interfere with the motor rail, which can cause damage to the door and your opener. These are track sizes that aren’t typically chosen, but are instead used due to space limitations in your garage.

Zero Turn: Zero turn track consists of two horizontal tracks on each side of the door. The rollers of the top panel run along the top horizontal track while the remaining panels run on the lower horizontal track. The top panel for this type of track does not run along a radius, meaning that panel can be pushed open. This type of track requires an opener to keep the door secure. 

Low Headroom Track: Low headroom track consists of two horizontal tracks, similar to Zero Turn track. What sets this apart is that as the door closes, the top panel turns a radius, to keep the door shut securely. Doors running on low headroom track can tend to be a little noisier because the top panel can slam as it’s closing.

10R: This is a better option than low headroom in terms of track, however the door won’t operate as smoothly as those with larger radiuses because it turns quicker and also limits the size of your panels. For this track to work properly with your door, the panels shouldn’t be larger than 21” tall.



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