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Can I Open My Garage Door If It Has A Broken Spring?
Can I Open My Garage Door If It Has A Broken Spring?

Forcing open a garage door with a broken spring can do more harm than good.

Garage doors operate as a complete system: The spring system lifts and lowers the door as the motorized opener assists. The tracks guide the garage door up and down as the hinges bend to allow the sections to operate individually. If one part of this system is damaged or broken, it affects the productivity of the other components of the system.

If your garage door has a broken spring, you shouldn't try to open or close your door.

If you attempt to open the garage door with a broken spring or actually manage to get it open, you create a hazardous situation for yourself and others. The springs help keep the door in the open position, so if a spring is broken, nothing will keep that door from slamming shut, which can injure you, others, or damage belongings.

The opener isn't meant to lift the garage door's weight; it's intended to help. If you force the door open using your garage door opener, you will wreck the gear inside of the opener. This can result in the need for a new opener, which will be more expensive than replacing the broken spring.

If your garage door spring is broken, it’s recommended that you leave the door alone and call an expert who can professionally replace the spring.


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