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Why isn't my garage door keypad working?
Why isn't my garage door keypad working?

A keypad installed outside of your garage door is a very convenient part of the garage door system, but when they don’t work, it can be inconvenient. There are a few reasons why your keypad may not be working. Read on to see if any of these solutions can help solve the problem.


Dead Battery

The garage door keypad is powered by a 9-volt battery, so you’ll want to check that the battery still has some life. One way to test this is to click any number on the keypad and see if the buttons light up. If they don’t, the battery is dead.

To replace the battery, simply pry off the battery cover at the bottom of the keypad and replace the old battery with a new one.

Lost Programming to the Opener

If you replace the battery, enter your code and the buttons light up but the door doesn’t open. Your garage door keypad may have lost the programming with your opener. You’ll simply need to reprogram your keypad with your opener which you can read more about here.



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