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Why don't my garage door remotes work?
Why don't my garage door remotes work?

Garage door remotes help make your life more convenient. However, when they don’t work, it can be irritating. There are several reasons why your garage door remote is no longer working and most of the solutions are pretty straight forward. You’ll want to troubleshoot your remote to see what’s going on so you’ll know how to solve it.

Dead Battery

If the garage door won’t open with the remote at the end of the driveway but works the closer you get to the garage, then you may have a worn or dead battery. You can pry open the remote and replace the battery (CR2032 battery, which you can find online and in most any store that sells batteries), and snap the two halves back together. With the press of a button, the garage door should open. You should now be able to open the garage door from the end of your driveway (up to 100 feet from the garage).

Programming Disconnected from the Opener

When a garage door remote is dead for too long, it can lose the programming to the opener. You’ll simply be able to reprogram it and get it working again in no time. To learn how to reprogram your garage door remote, click here.

New Remote Needed

If you’ve tried to replace the battery and reprogram the remote and it’s still not working, you probably need a new remote. From time to time an opener will simply malfunction. New remotes can easily be obtained online or in person from your local garage door opener dealer.



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