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What is an Emergency Key Disconnect?
What is an Emergency Key Disconnect?

Emergency key disconnect allows you to access your garage any time.

There are many different features and add-ons for garage doors: LED lights, trolley shields, deadbolts, and so much more. Sometimes, it can be hard to determine which you need and which will be useless based on your lifestyle. However, some features, such as the emergency key disconnect can really come in handy!

Why would I need an emergency key disconnect?

An emergency key disconnect should be used if you have a vaulted garage (a garage that only has one way in: the garage door itself). This is most common in detached garages, as they don’t have the built in entryway to the home. In the event that the garage door opener breaks or you lose power and it can’t operate, you’ll have no way into your garage. Part of the functionality of the garage door opener is to keep pressure on the door itself to keep it closed and safe from intruders. The emergency key disconnect offers a way to release the locking mechanism of the opener from outside the garage. There is no reason to install an emergency key disconnect on a garage that has a second entrance.

An emergency key disconnect is installed onto your garage door, in the center of the top panel because that gives it the best access to the trolley. Emergency key disconnects only come in silver, so it will be more visible on dark color doors.

Trolley and motor rail labeled

How does the emergency key disconnect work?

The emergency key disconnect is attached to the garage door trolley, which is part of the opener system. The trolley moves along the motor rail and connects to the top of the garage door to enable the motor to open and close the garage door. When the cable of the emergency key disconnect is pulled, it will disengage the trolley from the motorized opener and you’ll be able to manually operate the garage door.

Insert the key and turn the tumbler to unlock the key disconnect. Simply yank the cable attached to the tumbler, and it will disengage the trolley from the opener.

What happens when my garage door opener is functioning again?

Once your power is restored or your garage door opener is repaired, you’ll want to re-engage the trolley with the opener so it can operate with the garage door again.

While outside of the garage with the door closed, simply fish the wire back into the garage, insert the tumbler and lock it in place with the key. Put the key in a safe space should you need to use your key disconnect in the future.

Sure, you have a great garage door opener and don’t need some key and cable to open your garage door, but in the event of a power outage or a product malfunction, an emergency key disconnect can make all the difference. It’s something to consider when your garage door is your only way in and out of the garage.


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