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Can Woodwork Replacement Increase Garage Door Cost?
Can Woodwork Replacement Increase Garage Door Cost?

Woodwork refers to different elements of wood around the opening of your garage door that can affect your garage door operation and installation. For example, the track is mounted to the goal posts inside of your garage. The center plate for a torsion spring system is mounted to the headerboard. Therefore, it’s important that the woodwork is strong and not damaged so it can securely and safely hold your garage door elements.

examples of woodwork inside garage

Any reputable garage door company will inspect your woodwork prior to installation and make appropriate recommendations. Basic woodwork replacement starts at about $150, however depending on the extent of damage from water or the installation of your current doors, prices can increase. This may be an increased cost upfront, but replacing the woodwork so you have a solid foundation on which to install and operate the garage door can help eliminate any issues down the road.


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